COVID-19 Plan

Welcome to our COVID response page. Below you’ll find all the critical information about how P.S. 349Q is changing the way we operate to reduce the risk of COVID infection. We are doing everything we can to make sure staff, students, and families are safe. Please check back regularly, as we will update the information here as conditions change. The NYC DOE Return to School 2020 site section also has important information and resources for you. See the Update for Families letter.

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​*As on Monday, December 7th, all students in Cohorts A, B, and C are required to have a COVID-19 Testing Consent Form on file to continue in-person learning.

Last Updated: March 19, 2021

Building Safety

PS 349 has implemented a number of changes to ensure everyone's safety.

Face Coverings​

  • Students can remove masks for breaks, during instruction, and meals as long as they are social distancing​

  • Masks must be worn when social distancing is not possible​

  • Masks can be cloth-based or surgical covering that covers mouth and nose​​

​Social Distancing​

  • Students must maintain 6 feet of space between desks​

Food Services​

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served for on-site and remote students​

  • Meals must be social distanced and can take place outside the cafeteria​

  • Cleaning and disinfecting between students​

​Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection​

  • All staff and students will be trained in hand washing and hygiene ​

  • Custodial staff will clean  throughout the day​

  • Cleaning logs will be maintained​

Screening for All​

  • Each day, all individuals entering the building will have their temperature checked and answer health screening questions.​

  • Individuals who have a temperature greater than 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit will be denied entry.

​Contact Tracing​

  • The school is responsible for notifying State and local health department immediately if anyone tests positive for COVID19​

  • The infected person’s identity must remain confidential


  • If an individual in the school develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day, he/she will be safely cared for in the nurse’s office​

  • Designated spot for individuals who develop symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day ​

  • Safety guidelines for guardians to pick up children with symptoms

  • Individuals who had COVID-19 will be required to quarantine before returning to school. *A doctor’s note will be required to return to school​

  • Anyone in contact with a student/staff member who tests positive  for COVID-19 must self-quarantine for 2 weeks​

  • If school needs to be closed, families will be notified as soon as possible​

Safety Precautions Taken by PS 349

  • In addition to asking everyone to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing, our school has taken several steps to improve the safety of our staff and students. These steps have been recommended by local health authorities to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses. 

  • Changes in class sizes: We've reduced the average class size from 32 to 9-12 for in-person instruction.

  • Improvements in ventilation: In an effort to maximize air circulation, we are opening windows whenever possible. 

  • Increases in cleaning frequency: Our custodial team is committed to thoroughly cleaning all classrooms. Electrostatic spray cleaner approved by the CDC will be used to clean classrooms each night. In addition, all classroom teachers have been provided with sanitizing wipes to wipe down surfaces and shared resources on an as-needed basis throughout the school day. 

  • Hand sanitation: All bathrooms have been stocked with extra soap for frequent hand washing. In addition, we have provided teachers with hand sanitizer for the classroom and added hand sanitizer stations in common areas. 

Blended Learning Expectations

Blended learning combines in-class instruction and at-home learning. This allows us to limit the number of students in the building each day for safe social distancing, while still ensuring that students can benefit from direct interaction with teachers and peers. 

  • During days in class, teachers will provide direct whole-class instruction and small-group instruction. These days will be used primarily to introduce new topics, provide small group and one-on-one instructional support, and conduct assessments to monitor student progress towards standards. 

  • Students will be assigned additional activities to work on independently for there at-home learning days. These activities will allow students to apply and practice what they learned in class. There will be a combination of technology-based learning activities and offline worksheets, projects, and writing assignments. At-home learning activities are an important part of the learning process and will be graded. 

  • Students with IEPs or 504 plans will receive their mandated services

Remote Learning Expectations

During 100% Remote Learning and blended learning at home, your child is expected to complete all assignments provided by the teacher. At the same time, we recognize that working independently at home is different and difficult for many students, so we want to provide flexibility. 

  • Students and families should check Google Classroom daily for important updates from their teachers.

  • During remote learning, your teacher may conduct live classes via Zoom during the hours of 8:30AM to 2:00PM. Check Google Classroom for your live class schedule.

  • When signing in for virtual classes or meetings, students are expected to be on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to learn. We suggest signing in 5 minutes before class starts. Please try to reduce background noise and distractions as much as possible. Your child may benefit from using headphones with their device.

Technology: Getting a Device and Internet Access

We are committed to making sure that all students can successfully connect to online learning during their at-home learning days. 

  • If your student needs a laptop or tablet, fill out the Device Request Form to reserve your device. 

  • Borrowed devices should be used for school purposes only and kept in a secure location. Take your device with you on in-school days. 

  • If you do not have internet access at home, there are various providers offering free internet access or special accommodations.

  • If you are having trouble connecting to Google Classroom, Zoom, or any of our online learning resources, contact Ms. Reda for tech support at

  • For additional tech support, you can fill out a support ticket with NYCDOE.

Free Meals

Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • No one will be turned away at any time

  • All adults and children can pick up multiple meals at one time

  • Vegetarian and halal options available at all sites


Help for Families

We know that many families are struggling during this time, and we are here to help. 

  • We are providing free breakfast and lunch for all students during in-school days. Students and families needing additional food support may pick up free meals through the Meal Hub program (see link to the left). 

  • Please contact Ms. Lozano at if your family has lost housing, is experiencing a crisis, or needs additional support during this time. 

  • There are many community resources available for families who need help with housing support, utilities, mental health services, crisis services, and other supports during this time. Use the quick links to the right to connect with more community resources.