Physical Education & Health Curriculum

Physical Education at PS 349 goes beyond just playing sports.  Not only will physical education help students understand the importance of being active and healthy, it will also give them the opportunity to work on the social skills, thinking process, and ability to learn new skills that they can use in their later life.  Physical Education should be a place where all students are given an opportunity to participate to reach their highest potential and enjoy themselves as they do that.  All activities are age and skill appropriate for the students so that they are consistently engaged.   Students will develop their locomotor skills, balance, visual tracking, manipulation, health related components, and much more. 

            Lastly, it is important that physical education is fun and exciting for the students.  Physical education class is the only opportunity where students can learn new thing but don’t have to be stuck behind a desk.  Being enthusiastic around the students will not only help make the lesson more enjoyable, it will also help gain the student’s attention and make them more willing to participate.

At PS 349, students participate in the Rising New York Road Runners program, the NYCDOE Move to Improve program, and the Reebok BOKS Kids program.

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