Welcome to Pre-K at PS 349!

Ms. Vitale & Ms. Snyder

Important Dates

12/17/19: Winter Concert

12/18/19: Magnet Night 4:30pm

12/23-1/1: Schools Closed

(Winter Recess)

Our Units of Study theme for the month of November is Transportation.

Classroom Donations Wanted:

We are building transportation vehicles in the art center. If you have any small cardboard boxes (mailing, shoebox, cereal), please send them in to school for us.

Congratulations to our Pre-K

Leaders of the Month for November 2019:

Ms. Vitale's Room:

Aribah Hasan

Matthew Thomas

Ms. Snyder's Room:

Alysson Gonzalez

Lucas Aldana

What's New in Pre-K?

Current Units of Study

Reading: Students are learning how to partner read in class. They are working on identifying upper and lowercase letters. Students continue to practice the letter sounds.

Writing: Students are learning how to write true stories. They are writing about a time that they traveled using transportation. They are drawing detailed illustrations and labeling their work with the initial letter sounds.

Math: Students are counting objects from 1-10. They are solving SOLVE/CGI story problems using addition and subtraction. Students will create ramps and measure the distance that vehicles travel down the different inclines built.

Social Studies: Students are learning all about the transportation that is used in our neighborhood. Students will be able to identify and sort transportation vehicles that can travel by land, sea and air. They will learn about road rules, street signs and safety when crossing the street. They will be building bridges and learn about some of the bridges found in NYC.

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PS 349Q

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