Technology Curriculum

At P.S. 349, all students, kindergarten through third grade, will have the opportunity to work with computers once a week until the end of the school-year. In technology, students will learn three major components of technology: basic computer concepts, Computer Science for All, and Digital Citizenship.

            By the end of the school-year all students, (K-3rd) will be skilled in basic computer concepts. These concepts include: Logging in and out of the computer properly, launching apps such as Google Chrome, using the touchpad (mouse) properly, learning to type on the keyboard, plus much more.

            In addition to basic computer concepts, Computer Science for All (CS4ALL) is a NYC initiative that focuses on computational thinking, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communicating all with technologies.

            Lastly, students will learn how to be a good Digital Citizen while using the internet. The Digital Citizenship curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly all while navigating in the digital world (i.e. online).

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