The Value of a STEAM School

The pace of the world is rapidly changing and to prepare for the future, a new approach to learning that pushes deeper thinking, STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, is an interdisciplinary method aimed at helping students develop vital transferrable skills and learning across subjects, through experimentation, trial and error, and creativity. It works on the premise that the world is complex and that there is no problem that cannot be solved. In fact, STEAM education is not just content, but it is the process of students being scientists, mathematicians, engineers, artists, and technological entrepreneurs. STEAM is based on the understanding that innovation is often found where different subjects intersect. In STEAM-based programs:

  • Students move through the Project Based Learning process which includes choosing a topic, gathering questions, researching and taking notes, beginning to use technology, revising your work, editing your work, publishing, practicing for oral presentation, and presenting your work.

  • All well-developed lessons align to the standards of all academic content areas.

  • Students reflect and critique their own work, as well as their peers' work, with the use of self-assessment, rubrics, and peer reviews.

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